So there was a report last month out of one of the UK rags – unreliable as usual – about Kate Beckinsale missing out on the lead role in a remake of Barbarella. The Daily Express claimed last month that she was “heartbroken” over being rejected from the part. The publication also said that it was a “real blow” to Kate professionally.

So she sued. And she won $30,000 in damages after her lawyer insisted that the story “caused considerable embarrassment and harm”. Apparently Kate was not in talks to star in the film and “this article wrongly gave the impression that (Kate’s) career is in decline which would undoubtedly have a knock-on effect on those who would be casting film roles, as well as the industry as a whole."

The tabloid has apologised and will also pay legal fees.

A victory for her, certainly…

But it’s telling, non?

Rumours about Beckinsale’s marriage falling apart have been swirling for ages. She’s never done much about those, and definitely not a legal battle. And interestingly enough, the last rumours floating around about her leaving Len Wiseman, supposedly she was doing it to save her career, hoping that some romantic intrigue, and a suddenly single status would inject some life into, frankly, a rather stagnant resumé.

So the fact that she had her lawyers all over this so swiftly, about something so seemingly insignificant, but in her mind, optically, so critical to her career…



Someone is insecure. And perhaps rightly so.

Kate Beckinsale, script for script, now has to go up against Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, Penelope Cruz, and Jennifer Connelly.

Yeah I’d be concerned too.


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