Kate Bosworth at 30

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Whenever I see anything on Kate Bosworth, I immediately send it to Lainey because I know Kate holds a place in her heart (right next to Emmy Rossum).

Kate turned 30 on January 2 and it was probably going to get her some good holiday coverage (since it’s a notoriously slow gossip time) until Jessica Simpson, Kanye West and their fetuses took over the conversation.

Besides the baby block, how much excitement could Kate Bosworth’s birthday generate?

Exactly none, which is why, after a series of tweets between her and her fiancé, there’s a breathy article by US Weekly about how Michael Polish celebrated Kate’s 30th on Twitter:

“On Wednesday, Jan. 2, the Straw Dog star's 30th birthday, Bosworth woke up to a gorgeous bouquet of roses and lilies from her fiance, Michael Polish, along with this sweet message:

"Happy Birthday to my #1 on the #2 day of 2013," the 42-year-old director tweeted. "I love you."

What a beautiful way to start my bday!" the actress replied, along with a picture of her birthday blooms. "Thank you, Michael Polish.

But flowers are just the beginning. An insider told Us Weekly that the blonde stunner's beau has an even bigger surprise in store for his love of more than a year.”

Flowers? On her birthday?! What is he some kind of fairytale prince? Who has ever heard of such a thing?!

We can’t be at the point in celebrity gossip where we are getting excited about a guy sending his fiancée flowers on her birthday, can we? (Unless it’s Brad and Angelina, then yes, it warrants coverage.)

The article then goes on to drop wink-wink-nudge-nudge references to a surprise birthday party. I’m on the edge of my seat -- I mean who can stand this type of anticipation. Brangelina wedding what?

I wonder what her publicist had to trade to get this coverage for Kate; the blatant ass-kissing over a vague surprise birthday party is just as transparent as a paparazzi shot at Target.  

Kate at 30. It’s not a pretty picture, is it? Sure she’s a fashion darling, definitely gets first dibs on some collections, but in terms of work, it’s thin (don’t read anything into that double entendre… or do). But a very quick search of actresses in her age range, say 25-35, makes for a daunting list, even if you discount the movie stars like Anne Hathaway, Kirsten Dunst, Emily Blunt, Carey Mulligan, Jessica Chastain, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman – there’s no shortage of them. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the second tier movie and TV actresses (Katherine Heigl, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Julia Stiles, Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively etc.). It’s a long time before Kate Bosworth’s name even comes up, which is how, over time, what started off as “exclusivity” has turned into plain old not working. Whether it’s been bad luck, bad choices or bad habits, Kate’s promised stardom never quite materialized.

But no matter. Kate has Twitter declarations of love from a fiancé who is obviously willing to play, the occasional ad campaign and a front row seat at fashion week. The occasional fashion film directed by her fiancé (click here for a refresher), where she can play act great roles, seems to suit her just fine.

Attached -- Kate and Michael shopping just before Christmas.


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