Kate & Alex: it’s done

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On his part, anyway. For her... well... she doesn’t let go easily.

Here’s another thing all gossips agree on, and what we discussed one night during dinner: this bitch is crazy.

So Us Weekly is reporting that after two years, Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard are done. According to their source, it was “very mutual”. According to mine, he said he was done and she tried to accept that and still can’t.

Which may be why she set up Orlando Bloom a couple of weeks ago. Click here if you missed my last post yesterday. Doesn’t matter to her that he has a wife and kid. Somehow she ended up at a friend’s house when he was also scheduled to stop by – just, you know, with a pap across the street. Coincidence or conspiracy? Or a desperate play for Alex’s attention?


Celebrities would NEVER set up other celebrities! This is all bullsh-t! And Kate isn’t like that! It was a total accident!

You’re right. They would never. And it is. And she isn’t. And it was. (Why are you reading my blog?)

So now that Us Weekly’s reporting it, does that mean Kate’s finally ready to let go? Well, I’ve also heard from multiple and varied contacts that she keeps stalking his hangouts, just, like, dropping by the gym/cafe/whatever to see if he’s around, front like it would be an unplanned encounter, make him realise he misses her and wants her back. Apparently this has worked once. And he didn’t change his mind.

Kate and Alex first hooked up on the set of Straw Dogs. At the time, he had just started seeing Evan Rachel Wood. This is never a deterrent for Kate. She tried so hard to become Jim Sturgess’s girlfriend when they were shooting 21 together but he remained solidly committed to Mickey O’Brien. And of course, um, Kate and Chris Martin never, ever, ever crept around behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s back.

Needless to say, it was a big win for her when Alex bit. Now it’s time to start looking around for a fresh situation. How about Justin Timberlake? I would not be sorry to see those two together.

As for Alex, I saw him on Thursday night at a party at Comic-Con – click here for details. Us Weekly says he left with that gorgeous brunette I was telling you about.

Does the expulsion of Bosworth change my mind about him? Not really. Sorry?

Attached – Alex and Stephen Moyer at the True Blood panel the other day and the reason I’ve selected these shots in particular is because Moyer just looks so weird puffing his chest out like that with his lame ass fringe. There’s a way to make yourself more attractive: stand next to Vampire Bill.

Photos from Wenn.com

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