It pains me. And I don"t mean her. If she wants to starve herself straight to E! True Hollywood Story, who are we to stop her? Besides, my anti-anorexic focus is being largely consumed by much more interesting personalities - like Posh and Richie and Knightley and that woman who married Ben Stiller. So forgive me if Orly"s dithering little bore doesn’t rank, OK? Shame such a wonderful ensemble had to get ruined on her though. Do you LOVE this dress, or what? And... well…since I have those shoes, I"ll stop short of complimenting myself and just make a small mention of how comfortable they are. Can you believe it??? Comfortable and soft and totally well constructed and WASTED on the walking dead girl better known as Kate Bosworth, seen here in the UK for the premiere of Supergay. Can you hear my mother??? Monkey, monkey, monkey!!! Photo source