I did sympathise with Jennifer Aniston when she was living in the post-Paltrow Pitt era. It cannot have been easy mounting the insurmountable, living in the cold Malibu shadow of an "Angelic" ex, years of inadequacy congealing to form a lump of insecurity, temporarily but not permanently assuaged by the Zone Diet and a steady stream of ciggies, to say nothing of the "happy", only to find that the demons were still there, revealing themselves in the form of neediness and desperation. And then to be trumped by the world"s most beautiful woman??? Sigh. Finally I get it. Poor Jen indeed. And poor Kate Bosworth too. I think we can all agree the girl has a problem - those who shun food generally do. Whatever it is - a lack of self worth, a lack of confidence, fear, frailty, the curse of Three Whiskers - whatever her issues, you can"t help but think they"d be exacerbated by the sight of this. This is Ana Beatriz Barros, rumoured ex girlfriend of Kate"s rumoured new boyfriend James Rousseau. Ana Beatriz is a Brazilian bombshell model for Victoria"s Secret - so beautiful, so sexy, so frickin" hot…I worry Kate"s eating problem will only get worse. Which is why I"m not talking about her weight anymore. Not Kate, not Nicole Richie - two girls who are seriously suffering, who"ve taken it beyond the superficial Hollywood standards and expectations usually open to heavy criticism. If it"s not kind or politically correct to bash the morbidly obese, why not extend the same rule to those who are morbidly opposite? Photo source