Kate Bosworth’s eye makeup was exquisite. And her dress too. My favourite shoes of the night and the complete opposite of what Emmy Rossum tries to recycle over and over and over again. Which is why Emmy is not worthy of Karl’s company.

Kate was wearing Chanel. She walked with Karl Lagerfeld. She earned it with Karl Lagerfeld… because as you can see, Kate isn’t eating again. They have this in common, you see. If you’re not anorexic, you’re not Karl material.

Also there but not pictured – her boyfriend James Rousseau. As soon as he realised he wasn’t wanted by the photographers, he left her to do her thing and waited for her at the top of the stairs. It was a common spot for the men behind the women. Including, if you can believe it, none other than Hayden Christensen. More on that later.

Back to Kate Bosworth – she really is beautiful. Really beautiful. But painful to look at. And her and Karl Lagerfeld together … well it’s excruciating. Because the truth is, I watched Le Karl walking up those steps. If you know the Met, you know it’s a grand entrance. And Karl… he wasn’t nimble in the least. Sure he managed on his own but it hurt him. If not for his fierce pride, he probably would have needed a hand. And those heels he wears don’t help either.

Karl is old now. Karl is almost 75. He’s a senior citizen who starves. It’s a stylish combination… I guess… but not a very smart one.

PS. Vintage Karl? When asked what superhero he most looked up to, his response was: MYSELF.

Can you stand it???

Photos from Splashnewonline.com and Wenn.com