I know there’s THAT issue. I’m not going to harp on that issue. Suffice to say, though I don’t necessarily approve of her body – painfully obvious – I have always considered Kate Bosworth a very pretty girl. Bland with dead eyes at times, but pretty all the same. And these are some of the prettiest photos I’ve seen of her in a long, long time. Maybe it’s the cold flush on her face – I love Outdoor Face, don’t you? When you come in from the chill and the fresh air and there’s life on your cheeks and a glow to your skin… perhaps that’s what I find so attractive in Kate on set in NYC the other day - a new movie with Keri Russell, I don’t care enough to know the name, I just know the costume rocks, especially those boots. Hopefully the end of Three Whisker Love will signal a great change. Hopefully she’ll look this beautiful all the time. Maybe not with that rather unremarkable model but on her own for a while, maybe that nauseating Oprah theme “Love yourself before you love someone else” can work for her too. Source