Lovely that Kate Bosworth looks healthier. Always a good thing.

But why? Why does she insist on dating boys who are just so…


His name is James Rousseau. He is a model. It’s been a while. And you tell me. You take a look at these photos, particularly the one where she’s stroking his cheek, and you tell me whether or not this man is capable of crushing your headboard. Didn’t think so.

Just like Orlando Bloom. Orly and his Three Whiskers - so pretty, so delicate, so NOT Clive Owen.

But Orly didn’t freak me out. James, on the other hand, freaks me out…

Actually, the two of them, together, they freak me out. Because – I apologise if I offend you – don’t they look like they’d have unhealthy babies? Like…um…. brother and sister unhealthy babies?

And do you see a young Angelina Jolie in his face? Something about the shape of his face, the shape of his nose and his lips, not the thickness of the lips but the way they turn up a little… do you see it? I see it a lot.