One clinger remains but can she hold her head up?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 11, 2011 07:28:14 March 11, 2011 07:28:14

Jessica Biel may have been temporarily relieved of her clinging tendencies but Kate Bosworth’s are still being put to good use.

Kate was toasted at the Nylon party last night as the magazine’s current cover girl. Her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard was there though the two didn’t pose together. As you can see, Kate’s relationship with food obviously hasn’t improved. Those legs…look at those legs. I mean, I love to rag on Bosworth’s desperation but her legs, they just make me sad, sad for whatever it is that compels her to do this to her body. She’s not even 30. Her legs look so much older than 30.

It’s like…

I mean in every photo, it’s like she barely has the strength to hold up her own head, can you see? Just had this conversation with Duana about girls who don’t eat. And I remember, you know, when I heard about Tracy Gold and how she wasn’t eating, she wore all these baggy clothes and hid her body and I asked - Was that just old school anorexia? Is the new school all about showing it off? Duana posits that Gold would have gotten in trouble for it which is why the camouflage. And, as we all know, Kate Bosworth has almost been celebrated for it.

If acting isn’t what’s happening, and fashion and style and being invited by designers has been the focus, I suppose the mentality, at least by that skewed perspective, might to be hang on to what’s “working”. It’s a f-cked up value system. But it’s the one they subscribe to. And kids are growing up there. Yay for parent pimps.

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