Kate Bosworth showed up at Chateau Marmont last night – first sighting since it was reported that Alexander Skarsgard broke up with her, despite the fact that she was fighting it, and hard. She was with a few friends, one of whom looks a lot like (but isn’t) Benjamin Millepied, or the dude who gave Natalie Portman the most wonderful gift of life and creation.

Now, for Bosworth, it’s time to regroup, to find another angle. She hooked up with Skarsgard two years ago amid rumours that she’d been, um, spending a lot of time, intimately, with Chris Martin. It was a good way to extricate herself from that situation and find a new crew of friends, since she’d been excommunicated from a circle that included Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, and Kate Hudson, among others. Please. As IF Kate could play with those girls.

I suggested it the other day – Justin Timberlake? Oh but it would be so satisfying, on so many levels.

Meanwhile, as Bosworth reels from Skarsgard’s departure, many of you have written to me asking if the mystery brunette with him at Comic-Con as described here and here is Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. So I googled her and I looked up her photos and I “think” so but it’s hard to say for sure since her face in pictures changes all the time, she has one of those faces. But then it lists on Vikander’s IMDB that she was at Comic-Con for The Seventh Son with Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes. And I totally remember her with Ben Barnes that night, for several minutes, and he seemed as besotted with her as everyone else. So, just to be sure, I looked up the panel on YouTube because it’s way easier for me to check the video for mannerisms to compare with how she was live, in the flesh, than to look at a series of photographs and determine if it’s her.

It’s her.

She’s hot. Start at 4:10 if you just want her part.

There’s another video profile I found too. Lovely face, right? And really bubbly and endearing in person. I’m telling you, she had the room that night. She had the whole room. Whether or not she had Alex though...

Like I said, I left before they did. I can’t tell you if she’s the brunette he took up to his room. I can just tell you he seemed delighted to be around her that night.

Photos from Chung Sung-Jun/Andreas Rentz/JOHANNES EISELE/Gettyimages.com and PacificCoastNews.com