The beach photos were indeed on mark – she looks a LOT better. And Kate Bosworth looks happy.

But first…about the posing. Have to tell you, she had me riveted for a while on the middle landing. As her boyfriend James Rousseau waited patiently in the wings, she stood for photographs with her legs crossed. She HAD to have her legs crossed. I remember focusing in on one foot, it kept buckling, she was teetering, as though she wasn’t comfortable holding that position, and still she soldiered on with determination – yet another example of how choreographed things, all things, are in showbiz.

Now about the love. Ummmm…so yeah, he’s not gay. Totally not gay. And they’re totally totally smitten. Her face, as she finished on the carpet, as she moved back towards him and they clasped hands… pure happiness. And infectious too. I was happy for her.