Two years ago, Kate Bosworth and Chris Martin allegedly hooked up in Vegas at a U2 show. They were supposedly making out in the open. It was Star Magazine that first broke the story - eyeroll, I know - but I can tell you for sure, 100%, slam dunk, that eyewitnesses for at least 2 other more reliable magazines also reported back the same, only since Star was able to get it out first, the other two held theirs back, waiting instead for the denials, deciding to take the “celebrity-friendly” route, like throwing darts at the competition. I know this because I was on the phone that week, while I was in Tofino with sh-tty cell service, celebrating my anniversary, and several sources were calling about the multiple Kate/Chris sightings and the race to get it out first. I’m telling you - we need a reality show for this sh-t.

Anyway, Martin subsequently threatened to sue. But didn’t. He just talked really loudly about suing. And didn’t. And things were kinda tense between him and Gwyneth for a while there. Divorce rumours plagued the Paltrow-Martins that winter but eventually they sorted it out. And Kate Bosworth was banished from the crowd, no longer allowed to hang out with Stella McCartney and Liv Tyler. So she desperately attached herself to Alexander Skarsgard as a replacement. And that seemed to work for a while...until he finally cut her off, which is why she’s floating around LA now trying to decide her next move.

Bosworth was spotted at Chateau Marmont the other night accompanied by the same dude she’s pictured with here last night leaving the Coldplay show at UCLA. Oh really???

That is a bold move. I mean, you could say that she was just going to a concert, that that’s innocent enough. Or you could say that somehow, yet again, she went to a concert and managed to get herself photographed leaving, as if, you know, to make a declaration. Hey Chris, I’m single now with green hair. Just...wanted you to be aware I’m around. Or...Hey Gwyneth, while you’re double woodbaking your pizza, I’m throwing my sh-t back in your man’s face. And, just for fun, a shot at Alex too - Hey Alex, are you jealous are you jealous do you want me back did you call let me check my messages no messages how about now how about now can we be together why not why not what I didn’t call you I didn’t hang up when you picked up that’s not my number anymore Miss me?

Ask Orlando Bloom how he feels about that, after Crazy set him up for the paps a couple of weeks ago. I’m just saying, if Chris is actually going to go there, he better keep it a lot tighter than he did last time.

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