Just received an email from a reader called Erin…

She passed on a warning, and I’m giving you one too.

Kate Bosworth is the new face of Cotton Incorporated which, fine, I mean she flounces around in pretty designer clothes and pretends for a minute she can actually be Keira Knightley in Atonement and the lighting is beautiful and she needs to get paid so whatever… it’s not the first time she’s modeled, it won’t be the last.

But ...

In this case…

She also sings.

I didn’t know this until the very end. And I was thinking to myself, as the ad played out, how f-cking annoying the voice was in the song. Super Try Folk.

So apparently Kate Bosworth fancies herself a Laura Marling these days?


Said a representative for Cotton Inc. of Kate’s singing:

“[Kate] was, in fact, anxious [to sing] and she said this commercial will give her a chance to make her singing début.” (Source)

What can we expect? Next week she’s going to Biel us and have her publicist leak some bullsh-t story about a record deal. Before Gwyneth comes along and shuts that sh-t down. My wishful thinking.