I kind of love how Blake Lively -- Blake Lively!!! -- made everyone else's wedding pimping look low classy when she decided to have hers featured in Martha Stewart. Even Justin Timberlake. Especially Justin Timberlake. While he jumped on his wife's head -- wait, should we revisit that?

We need to revisit that.

Let’s revisit the time Justin Timberlake married Mrs Timberlake and jumped on her head on the cover of PEOPLE:

So, to resume, while JT was jumping on Mrs T’s head, Blake Lively chose to tastefully present her pictures for Martha Stewart, without even showing her face. In comparison, everyone else was tacky. Which is why, I dunno, Kate Bosworth is doing the same…?

Bosworth is marrying Michael Polish this month. According to Page Six, her event will be featured in Martha Stewart. I wonder though if her preference would have been VOGUE. Please. You are not Kate Moss. You are not even Blake Lively.

Remember this? That “JUST LIKE HEAVEN” pretty much sums up this couple. There are VOGUE couples and there are Martha Stewart couples and then there are Instagram couples. Kate + Michael = Instagram wedding couple.