Written by Jacek

A few of you emailed me when those Allure shots of Emmanuelle Chriqui hit the web last week. Rest assured I had already seen them, but thanks for looking out nonetheless. And as a side bar, that is one good boob job if those aren’t real. Perfect tear drop.

Emmanuelle has been on my Freebie 5 in the past but has since slipped off. At the moment it’s Marion, Penelope, Natalie, Mila Kunis, and Minka Kelly, although I think I need to revisit the last one pretty soon. Perhaps Rachel McAdams can come back on the list. But there’s another list that Lainey may or may not have discussed on this site before. It’s the hate f*ck list. Do you know it? Do you have one?

I’m sure it’s self-explanatory, but the hate f*ck is someone who you’d nail, for lack of a better word, hard and angry. It’s not a long list for most. At the top of mine: Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum…yes, Rossum, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. All are annoying. All are hot, some in a less obvious way, but hot. All are great hate f*cks in my opinion.

We were out with a couple we know (K and F) a while back and got on the topic of who we’d hit as a hate f*ck. We went around the table sharing our hate f*ck lists and most of the time, there was a lot of “Ahh…good one!” and “Yup! Definite hate f*ck!”. Until we got to K.

K begins (and ends) his list with KATE GOSSELIN!!! F nearly slapped him and filed for divorce on the spot. She was so mortified that her hubby would consider banging Kate Gosselin that she actually became visibly upset. She let out this “WHAT!!?!!”, punched him on the arm and shifted her chair away from him. And F is usually a pretty reserved person, so it was quite the reaction.

There’s a few things that qualify someone to be a hate f*ck. Celebrity. Annoying. Punch in the face annoying. And hot. Even dirty hot. But they must be HOT. Kate Gosselin is certainly annoying, barely a celebrity, but definitely not hot. Therefore a big FAIL on K’s hate f*ck list.

This is Kate Gosselin at a book signing in Santa Monica the other day.

Who’s your hate f*ck?

Written by Jacek
Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com