Kate Hudson, Matt Bellamy, and baby Bing are on holiday on the French Riviera. Famous people are often friends with mega rich people. It’s a mutual use relationship. The rich provide their facilities to the famous for the privilege of hanging out with them. Strange, isn’t it? You’d think that wealth would be enough. But for those who make a lot of money, fame remains something they continue to covet, even by association. If you were rich, like billion dollar rich, would you pay a million dollars to have Mariah Carey come sing at your birthday party? Would you fly in Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Moss? Throw a free trip their way just to have them sing along during your toast? I don’t think it’s as simple as boredom. That those who are obscenely well off have just run out of things to buy. I do wonder however about money and power. Around celebrities the moneyed don’t often behave very powerfully.

Kate and company are staying on Philip Green’s yacht in St Tropez. They also at some point took a ride on his helicopter to go shopping in Monaco. The uniform, apparently, was nude shoes.