In September I posted this about Kate Hudson’s new movie A Little Bit of Heaven. Dumbass title came with a dumbass poster. Look at Gael Garcia Bernal’s nose. Why is her mouth open? Who responds to this sh-t?

WHY does she keep making the same movies over and over and over again?

If you thought that the poster was misleading and that the movie would be different, you were wrong.

The trailer has been released, conveniently a day after her pregnancy was revealed.

Total sh-t.

Like, maybe even worse than Jennifer Aniston rom-com sh-t.

I mean…

There’s a heaven, or something, with Whoopi Goldberg (of course!) and she gives advice. And a big dick joke gets thrown in there, awesome. She kicks ass in a boardroom because she’s spunky, cute, and passes out condoms. And then she rides her bike with the wind in her hair like it ain’t no thing to be dying of cancer…

F-ck OFF!