You can choose to believe that celebrities are civilised people, that they don’t draw lines in the sand and/or speak/fight through intermediaries. Sure. If that’s the case you also must not believe that celebrities lie. And you probably do believe that they have healthy self-esteem. Take 5 steps back and start at Jennifer Aniston.

So pregnant Kate Hudson is now in Paris. Manslinger’s ex, Alex Rodriguez, is also in Paris with Cameron Diaz who, unlike Kate, cannot seem to get his douche moves out of her system. I’ve always wondered how celebrities divide the territory. A city like Paris, for them, becomes very small. It’s the famous rich people circuit, you know?

Which is why handlers and publicists get involved. They call each other, they work out a schedule, almost like a custody agreement, and then they communicate that back to their clients. Like, Kate can have dinner there on Friday night but not Saturday night. And Cammie can go to the gallery on Saturday afternoon but not on Sunday. Seems like a lot of work to avoid a brief but awkward 2 minute encounter, but then again, it’s the path of the insecure. They can’t cope with confrontation.

Whatever. The part that sucks the most is that it really should be a girls’ trip to Paris – imagine how much fun it would be, Cammie and Kate? – without dragging around ARod and his massive ego-penis. He is nothing beyond America. And if not for the Hollywood girlfriends, his access is not what it is now. Certainly not in Europe. Ugh. Why keep adding then to the size of his head?

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