Soooo beautiful these days. Single and fresh at her best best best. Drew at TRL yesterday glowing and gorgeous. And really, really, really happy. Did you see her on Letterman the other night? You know when someone’s on a sugar high talking a mile a minute? That was Drew. Now I’m not saying she was stoned off her tree or anything, I’m just saying she was really, really, really happy. Like freakishly happy, so happy it was trippin’ me out. It was however Vintage Drew. She went on about discovering herself, making changes in her life, flower power take it to the tower, in that adorably flakey way she has of speaking, parodied so hysterically by Kate Hudson on Saturday Night Live a few years ago. It’s on the Best of Will Ferrell V.2 DVD – if you haven’t seen it, you should. Kate has perfectly captured the essence of Drew, on full display with Letterman on Monday, she was 100% her loopy irresistible self. Candidate for a boyfriend? I’m telling you…Joaquin Phoenix. By pedigree and past, their pairing would be the stuff of Hollywood Legend. Source