They were cute and cuddly at Cupcakes in Vancouver on Christmas Eve but Ryan and Alanis announced today that they are through. An official statement confirming they’ve ended their engagement – over 6 months after they were rumoured to have done but not really because – as I first broke the news last summer – they were frolicking with their dogs at English Bay shortly thereafter. Come to think of it, Ryan did seem exceedingly serious on the red carpet at the premiere of The Nine at Sundance. Not that I know him from ass but he’s known for a light hearted approach to interviews but kept it pretty straight and studied along the press line…except when I asked him about the Superbowl. If you must know, he’s going for the Colts. He loves Peyton Manning. Rossum. Anyway, I’m sure by now several million horny girls the world over are squealing with delight, united in their disappointment that Ryan spent so much time loving someone so…well…so Alanis, relieved and exuberant that he’s now a free man. But be careful what you wish for. What happens if he goes running for a member of the Skank Brigade? Will you be sorry if he goes for a one night rebound with someone prettier but not as intelligent? Because no matter how much faith you have in the man, you can’t deny the appetite on an unleashed libido after 4 years of monogamous captivity. Sometimes a free c*ck is a blind c*ck. When he’s finished ho’ing it up though – I’d like to nominate Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson and Ryan Reynolds… perfection, non? Source