The duel of lifetime has hit the road – Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have been seen making out all over the French Riviera and also turned up in Monaco at the weekend for the Grand Prix.

My sources say Lance loves the attention, it’s a big selling point for him right now, and even though he’s dated high profile women before, needless to say Sheryl Crow doesn’t have the profile of Kate Hudson. Nor is hooking up with Sheryl as much of cock inflator as it is to earn the attention of Hollywood’s most beguiling blonde.

I would totally buy their sex tape. I would totally spend 80 bucks for it on pay-per-view too.

As for the Owen Wilson reaction – this is exactly what happened last year. They broke up, five minutes later Kate had her tongue inside Dax Shepherd in a grocery store, and then Owen tried to kill himself. This time, he’s supposedly taking it in stride, although friends and family have been taking turns visiting him on location, making sure he’s never alone.

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