I love that they’re friends. I love that Liv was holding Kate’s wrist while they were talking last night at the Calvin Klein party. I love that they are so great to look at individually, and ridiculously amazing to look at when they’re together.

What I don’t love is the baby fever – a fever that is continuing to build with every Kate Hudson public sighting. She arrived at Letterman yesterday wearing a trench coat. As such, the baby crazies are convinced there is a bump underneath. On the show she wore a loose snazzy dress. And throughout the week her clothes have not been fitted to the body which is why we are balls deep in the “throws” (sic) of unreliable BumpWatch.

Having said that, I know I’m in the minority. For the most part, y’all are obsessed with analysing a woman’s body for baby signs. So here are more photos from last night to fuel your bump obsession. Kate out and about possibly trying to hide her pregnancy.

Or coming off a rather indulgent few weeks?

Why can’t a girl gain a few and look amazing and healthy without being scrutinised for fertility? It must suck if you’re not, non? First you let people down who were expecting good news AND you have to deal with the fact that everyone keeps talking about you putting on weight.

It’s not just the fashion magazines and the media that promote dangerous body image issues, is it? Girl sh*t really is the most complicated sh*t ever.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and Celebutopia