As gorgeous as she is, sometimes Kate Hudson just flies off the rails, you know what I mean?

Check it out – Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in London for the premiere of Fool’s Gold. I have no idea what the f&ck she’s wearing. It’s atrocious. And gawdy. And those two ropes hanging off her sleeves with the tassels… they remind me of China’s Empress Dowager Cixi – that old bat who you always associate with eunuchs. According to legend there was a room full of dangling penises at the palace and the eunuchs used to go there and look wistfully at their dangling penis and cry about their butchered manhood and now this has become my train of thought:

- Kate Hudson on the red carpet in London
- Empress Dowager eunuchs
- A roomful of dangling penises

Is this really the look Kate was after? Just asking…