Her bangs were parted in the middle and curled to the side… WTF??? And…worse still…you can see the backcomb line!!! Which means her head has clearly been divided into three sections – left, ride, and behind.

Seriously…did she go back to 1989 and have her hair set by Dolly Parton’s character in Steel Magnolias? SOOO disappointing. ESPECIALLY because it’s Kate Hudson. Ugh!

As for the dress… yes, very nice. But do you remember the other dress from the Golden Globes in 2003? Coincidentally, she was also promoting a movie with Matthew McConaughey at the time. Pretty much the same design, different colour. Not to nitpick but a recycle job isn’t worthy of the gush… just sayin’.

Still…at least her date matched her hair. As you can see, Matthew McConaughey’s new flat top is going over about as well as his greasy summer yoga monkey. Not sweet.

Photos from Wenn.com