Kate Hudson walked in and everyone was like “Oh! Oh yeah!” It’s not that she’s become a punchline, exactly, but everyone knows what a Kate Hudson movie is, and there’s usually no Venn Diagram overlap between a Hudson pic and Oscars. So maybe we’ve forgotten that she has kind of a perfect face and a great voice and a little bit of an ability to stop traffic, at times.

So then she walked in, and she looked like ice. In the best way possible. Cool and delicious and kind of understated but lovely. It made sense that she would have chosen the Atelier Versace, since it’s in the same vein, in a way, as the grey capelet dress from her nom in 2001, which I hated then but kind of have more appreciation for now (the hair is still wrong).

All of which is great. Maybe Kate Hudson’s doing something else, maybe she’s something new. The makeup was absolutely flawless, and she is able to do that hair without looking like a teenage girl. She had our attention…

But then she took off the cape, and it was like she lost her powers. The dress was just regular, Kate Hudson was just one of those presenters where people look at each other and say “Why is she there again?” (Lainey: because she’s single again.)

Notably, I thought she might be seen with McConaughey, and they could have laughed about those years, and those films, or even just kissed one another, or even winked, or Ellen made a gag that they would both participate in because they’re such good sports. But no. He couldn’t be hotter, and she couldn’t be more …in the same room. 

I think the lesson we’ve learned here is that there is power in the cape, you know? Apparently she put it back on for the Governor’s Ball which means she knows I’m right?