Kate Hudson is apparently apartment hunting in New York, looking for a place to share with Owen Wilson. As you know, Kate and Owen have officially reconciled after a 9 month separation during which she hooked up with Dax Shepard and Justin Timberlake and he tried to kill himself.

Sources say they were desperately in love and Owen got spooked, messed around on her too much because he couldn’t get over his commitment issues. She decided to step back from the relationship, scale things down, they booty called each other once in a while, but then she met Dax and blew Owen off, and when Owen found out, he allegedly started consoling himself with a cocktail of very bad substances.

So is this is a bullsh*t rumour, the moving in together? Or are they legitimately serious about each other again?

Am inclined to believe the latter. She’s had her year of f*ckery. He’s had his sobering experience. And word is they are great together. They look great together. Love Owen and Kate. Fingers crossed for Owen and Kate.

Source Celebitchy