I don’t know where my Gwyneth went. Her name was onthe committee list. Same goes for Cameron Diaz. And both were in New York at the weekend. Some say Gwyneth snuck inside and bypassed the carpet. I can’t see this. Not because she’s not a snotty bitch, but because she would have wanted to give exposure to whoever designed her dress. Gwyneth is never rude like that to favour-givers. Trust.


My G blinked? Cammie blinked?

Why bitches? They both could have easily taken that sh-t down.

As usual, Stella McCartney had her girls with her, Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler. All three epically boring. SO boring. Liv’s was actually borderline ugly. No, no, not borderline, I change my mind. It was officially ugly. Liv Tyler’s dress was straight up sh-t. Cheap ass sh-t. And Kate Hudson’s is putting you to sleep. Extremely unimpressive showing. Not even worth a post...


Do you remember last year?

I’m attaching some images from last year. Last year it was the same Girls Club, yes, but they kinda sorta let Kate Bosworth in on a temp pass to play on good behaviour. You’ll note she’s not fully one of them, obviously (I love that photo so much when she’s photo assumption gazing at them longingly), but she has her foot in the door, and it was up to her to keep it open.

This year?

Kate B wore Valentino and as for the status of her club card, would you be surprised if it’s been revoked?

PS. There are rumours circulating that Bosworth was bombed last night upon arrival. Liquid courage, is that what they call it?

Photos from Wenn.com and Stephen Lovekin/Larry Busacca/Gettyimages.com