Manslinging in animal print pyjamas

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 14, 2009 16:14:00 December 14, 2009 16:14:00

Further to online reports published this morning, Us Weekly has also cited sources who confirm that it’s over been ARod and Manslinger Kate Hudson. GOOD. At some point, no matter how great the sex, and you know she loves it, she had to have been turned off by his massive cheese ass ego. Centaurs? Gross.

While Yankee fans are full of sadness today, those who’ve been watching the Manslinger operate are obviously not surprised. As I wrote from the very beginning, with Kate it’s always real serious real fast, it’s always zero to hundred in a week, and then she shuts it down just as quickly as she amps it up and it’s over as quickly as it began, and there may or may not be a week or two with Owen Wilson in between before she manslings her way over to a new man. Textbook. Rodriguez might be throwing his dick around Miami, but Kate isn’t sorry to see him go. Trust. Our girl does not pine. More girls should learn from this, Jessica Simpson.

Here she is in New York today, on her way to more promotional appearances for Nine, dressed in what looks like a leopard print silk jumpsuit? Your first instinct, I know, is to hate. Like back the f-ck up, it’s so ugly, right?

Call me Cruise but no, it doesn’t disgust me. At all. She has the body, she can get away with it, there’s a sense of humour about it, fashion should be fun, and somehow on her, she doesn’t look like a divorced cougar hunting down some young buck ass. Chill. I’m not saying it’s my favourite ever, I’m just saying as far as offences go, there is so much worse.

Like Rachel McAdams’s hair tonight at Sherlock Holmes.

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