Kate Hudson and Chris Martin spent the day together on the beach in Malibu on Saturday…

But before you get too excited, their kids were there too. And some nannies. They all went out for dinner afterwards. Those pictures can be seen here. This is not new. Back in 2013, Chris was seen with Apple and Kate’s son Ryder. Click here for a refresher.

Are you still excited?

Oh come on. How can you not be thinking it?

I asked Jacek if he would be thinking it. If he was hanging out on the beach with one of my friends who had a body like Kate’s, whether or not he’d be looking. And thinking about it, especially if we weren’t together anymore. He answered honestly:

“Of course. Anyone who says differently doesn’t understand how men work.”

There were rumours last year that Kate and Chris were dealing with each other while he and G were still married prompting Kate to have her lawyer release this statement:

"Ms. Hudson and her family are close friends with Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin and their family, and any suggestion that Ms. Hudson was 'linked' romantically to Mr. Martin, or otherwise had anything to do with his marital separation, is deeply upsetting…as well as completely false, defamatory and actionable." (Source)

That’s a very specific friend group. Gwyneth, Kate, Gwen Stefani, Jen Meyer, Nicole Richie…

Can you imagine how that would potentially disrupt the circle?

As you know, however, Chris Martin is apparently still dating Jennifer Lawrence, who’s been in Boston working on Joy, although she was seen the same day flying out of there on a private jet… destination unknown, although, like you, I’m assuming she was heading back to LA and Chris.