The People’s Manslinger vs AssTalk

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 8, 2009 07:04:26 January 8, 2009 07:04:26

Kate Hudson vs Katherine Heigl.

KH vs KH

Hudson at one point owned the market on dumbass chick flicks. As you know, she keeps making the same one over and over again. But Katherine Heigl invaded her territory last year with 27 Dresses. And succeeded. And then Kate told some magazine she’d never heard of her. And then Heigl’s ego took over her head and she asstalked herself into a f-cked up storyline with her dead boyfriend.

Last night, the reigning queens of chick flick found themselves on the same carpet and both winners too.

Kate was not shutting it down at all in the unflattering drape Rachel Zoe chose for her but am told seemed to go overboard animated and flirty when Heigl was in the vicinity.

Heigl meanwhile, well, she’s totally over it. The People, I mean. She’s over the People. Because she could barely bother to dress for the occasion. And now she’s successful enough that she gets to bypass the carpet. No carpet for Katie Heigl. Instead, she collected the award and posed in the press room.

Organisers were apparently told to keep the two apart but my sources say when Kate was headed toward Heigl’s direction, she was informed that “Katherine Heigl is over there” at which point she replied loudly – Who?

And as for Heigl, when observing that Kate set off a frenzy among photographers started whining – where can I go for a cigarette around here? I’m done here, right? Can I go smoke now?

Bride Wars opens this weekend. Are you seeing it?

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