Be honest – didn’t you think Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy would be done before Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin? Especially since it seemed like we were being prepared for it during award season as Kate was seen without her wedding ring as reports on PEOPLE and US Weekly indicated that she and Matt were estranged?

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, maybe she just wanted to be single for the Oscars. Well now the Oscars are over and so are the Paltrow-Martins, but Kate and Matt were on the beach together the other day and it’s looking all good. She’s on his lap. He’s touching her intimately. They’re kissing. And she apparently denied that she and Chris Martin had an affair. Which, I mean, I guess this helps to reinforce that.

For the record, I’ve never heard anything to substantiate Kate Hudson and Chris Martin. In the future? Maybe. In the past? Never. Alexa Chung on the other hand is another conversation.