Was Chris Martin with Gwyneth Paltrow last night? Didn’t see photos of him. If he was there he was hiding so probably not. They insist on not rolling like that, remember? With Kate Hudson though it’s the complete opposite. Kate likes her man around at all time, even if he ends up getting slung later on.

With Matt Bellamy though, it seems this might be more permanent.

He was with her last night, and very demonstrably so, as she received her honour at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Tribute. She’s in love then. Which is great, but that doesn’t explain why she looks a bedraggled mess. This dress, say on Charlize Theron, would have been rather spectacular. Kate kinda makes it all cheap and budget-y and unpolished. What’s happening with the hair? Is this a Zoe style production? Because it’s shockingly low end.

In other Kate news, Deadline reported yesterday that she’s back with CAA. Maybe that means she’ll stop making the same movie over and over and over again. Kate’s next movie is A Little Bit of Heaven with Gael Garcia Bernal about a girl who’s dying of cancer and meets a boy and falls in love. Does Judy Greer play her sister or her best friend? It’s a formula after all.

Photos from Jason Merritt/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Todd Williamson/GABRIEL BOUYS/Gettyimages.com