It’s a pregnancy avalanche.

The latest: Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy. According to Us Weekly she’s 14 weeks. It wasn’t planned but they’re happy and in love and can’t wait. Obviously. As you know, she was really into Bellamy through 2010. And it was a great choice after that douchebag piece of sh-t ARod. For whom she did NOT pine. That game belongs to Cameron Diaz.

Instead, Kate manslung her way over to Coachella and now 8 months later, they’re having a baby. So, coincidentally, is her ex Owen Wilson, with whom she had a tumultuous on/off love affair. And the news comes on the same day that Page Six revealed that her biological father, Bill Hudson, is planning a supposedly scandalous exposé about Goldie Hawn. That Goldie was an animal in bed. That she wanted an open marriage. That she loved free and easy on her own terms (sounds familiar) and that the reason he doesn’t see his kids is because she blocked them from having a good relationship with him. Apparently this book is intended to bring him closer to his children. Sounds like he really thought that one through.

As for Kate…

Remember she put on like 70 lbs when she was pregnant the first time? She wore a silver dress to some event once and showed off her belly. This is much better preg steeze than Natalie Portman.

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