PEOPLE is reporting that Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are not solid. Which, to me, means they must be really, really not solid. Now US Weekly is adding to the story, confirming through their own sources that Kate and Matt haven't spent much time together and that she's no longer wearing her engagement ring. Something about drifting apart and being in "different places" in their lives right now.  While neither outlet is declaring that it's totally done, neither outlet would go ahead with and risk pissing her off if they weren't sure. In fact, this might even be the Phase 1 of a permanent split prior to an official announcement, to get us used to the idea, especially on Oscar weekend, when she can hit up the parties and not have to worry about speculation.

Maria emailed me yesterday wondering if it was time for another Kate and Leo hookup. Actually, to clarify, she was suggesting something more serious. But Leo doesn't do serious with actresses and besides, Kate likes her love a little more off-beat. You know who she'd be into? Adam Driver. (Although he's married.) Speaking of Adam Driver, Sarah's hitting you up next with him.