Kate Hudson walked the carpet on opening night of the Venice Film Festival tonight for The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Pretty sure that’s a Versace dress. Click here to see it on the runway, the 15th image. Kate’s wearing both the straps on one side. I like it better that way too. But God those shoes are terrible.

Kate had her hair down earlier in the day. Click here if you missed those pictures, especially of her hair. Now that she’s wearing her hair up at the gala, I think it’s pretty clear then that the previous style was helped with extensions. So the answer to the question is Fake. See? It’s almost always fake!

Caleigh was the one who originally schooled me on the fake spotting - click here if you haven’t read the article about how she taught me. Per my request from the previous post, Caleigh has weighed in on the Kate Hudson situation:

Kate Hudson, 100%, no doubt in my mind, has some extensions in. Nothing crazy, just a wee bit of help! Sometimes people add hair for thickness (think Carrie Underwood), sometimes they do it for length (Jessica Biel), and sometimes they do it for both (Kanye West’s girlfriend). In this case Kate has added for length. This means she likely has fewer "rows" of weave which ensures there isn't an obnoxious amount of volume, but gives assistance when the natural growth just isn't happening fast enough (story of my life).

The way I can tell that it's not all hers is there are a few shots (click here to see) where you can see the clear line where her "real hair" ends and the extensions take over. Check out the length around her face and follow those strands; then check out where the rest of the hair falls - much longer with almost blunt ends.

Also - let me add, she looks great, especially for a blonde! I'm lucky because I have black hair which is obviously the easiest to match. Blondes have a harder time because it's often hard to find the perfect colour. Mismatched extensions are one of the most offensive beauty blunders. Kate's are almost immaculate!

Side note: Don't judge girls with extensions because of the few idiots that give them a bad rep (aka Britney, Lindsay)! When done properly a weave is just like a push up bra - giving you a little lift where nature can't.