They were undercover at the beginning but Manslinger and ARod have taken their togetherness quite public of late – she’s joined him on the road, she’s always at the games, her family has been recruited to cheerlead, and they’re kissing openly at official team functions.

Kate Hudson is a Yankee WAG front and centre, reflecting her boyfriend’s history of spotlight whoring. The relationship mirrors his reputation.

Same goes, in the opposite direction, for Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter.

Jeter is a f-ckin stud. And all class. And quietly goes about his way. Tries to avoid the glare as much as he can. As quoted in the NY Daily News at the start of the season with the new stadium:

“He is old-Yankee class at a time when they open this monument to excess and act as if they have done something as noble as building a library, or a church. If A-Rod is the face of the excess of this decade, Jeter is the face of the last one. The fans liked the last decade better.”

With Minka Kelly, it’s the same approach. Very low key, never courting the tabloids, quietly together.

And Jeter and ARod reportedly do not get along.

So now Page Six says their ladies are not getting along.

Manslinger has ingratiated herself with the other WAGs but Minka has supposedly stayed away from fraternising with her Hollywood counterpart. I struggled with that word “counterpart”. Didn’t want to say peer, because let’s be honest, Minka Kelly isn’t a household name. Minka Kelly comes nowhere near Kate’s clout.

Minka is on Jacek’s Freebie 5. This means nothing on any scale of anything, obviously, but since he wrote about it yesterday, it seemed timely.

Anyway, by the looks of it, Kate and ARod won’t be doubledating with Minka and Jeter any time soon.

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