I mentioned this during the liveblog last night – it’s something Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common. They always date men on the upswing. Gwyneth of course had Brad, Ben, and Chris Martin just as Coldplay was soaring. Kate married Chris Robinson at the height of the Black Crows popularity, was with ARod for a World Series, and is now having a baby with Muse’s Matt Bellamy who just won a Grammy. That’s a gift.

So he shouted her out on stage. His pregnant girlfriend. And the camera, it did not cut away to her. I’m thinking that was a direct order. Because I find it hard to believe that back in the truck, on a major television broadcast, they wouldn’t have been able to find Kate Hudson. Please.

Thankfully still photos were allowed. And my girl isn’t afraid to show some skin even when she’s expecting. I’m particularly fond of the one with her and an especially eager Nicole Kidman. Photo Assumption on Kate’s expression:

No I won’t sell you my baby.

Photos from Wenn.com and Kevin Mazur/Lester Cohen/MARK RALSTON/Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com