Some UK tabloid ran a story this week about Kate Hudson carrying around ARod’s baby because she happened to be photographed after eating.

I’ve ragged about this before and I’ll keep ragging about it for as long as it picks my ass – because BumpWatch is f-cking stupid. On the one hand we’re bitching about unrealistic expectations on women’s bodies from the magazines. On the other we’re scrutinising celebrities who happen not to have concave stomachs and don’t avoid carbs and then there’s all this paranoia about pregnancy/weight gain/fatness speculation. Over a maybe baby? Who gives a sh-t?

Let her eat her food. She’s not expecting.

But she is apartment hunting…?

With ARod. Today in New York.

They refused to walk together but they apparently popped into a few places before heading to lunch.

Manslinger is settling with HIM?


She’s always had a place to stay in New York but I’m told it’s a rented brownstone in the Village. The same one for years. So she thinking of buying now. Not necessarily WITH him, but certainly as an added incentive to stick and around and continue to sling him.

And please, at the end of the day, on her romantic resumé, let this ultimately qualify as just that: a Mansling and no more.

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