Kate Hudson was photographed going through Heathrow today with son Ryder and her latest piece Matt Bellamy. Manslinger and Matt have been virtually inseparable for weeks, now their togetherness is being extended as Matt heads back on tour with Muse this weekend. This Bellamy fellow, he has a steezy little gait, non?

I like him for her, more than any of her slings from before, definitely more than ARod, and Lance, and of course the troubled Wilson, and Justin Timberlake, and...well we don’t have to do this now, do we?

Needless to say, the mom judgment will be imminent: she’s f-cking up her kid with her love life. Well now you know I’m not the parent expert but I also don’t think she’s letting Ryder sit in on her lovemaking. Why can’t mommy have friends without you bitches thinking she’s turning him into a freak?

Photos from INF