SAG Imitation of Hilary Swank: Kate Hudson

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 25, 2010 05:20:34 January 25, 2010 05:20:34

How did Kate Hudson manage to get up on stage twice? (We’ll discuss the Pippy connection later). This is how you know our girl is manslinging HARD. Because she wore a dress for a nominee. When Hilary Swank did it, she was the leading contender for Best Actress Oscar. And won. Ugh.

Still, Swank’s selection merited her stature. Then. Kate Hudson is not individually representing now. It’s a dress that demands a certain amount of attention. Her film is an unmitigated failure. But this is not exactly a humble dress. And that tassle dangling off her back is kinda stripper styles too.

But these are not her considerations. She is single, her body is sick, and she is out to prove a point. So be it. There is a Winslet who would have done it another way. But that is a very different Kate.


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