Only he can get away with it. No one tells Letterman what he can or cannot ask about. And while guests won’t always answer, he will always try. And be charming and funny about it. Which is what it was like last night when Kate Hudson appeared on his show and he deliberately steered the conversation towards ARod and the Yankees.

Kate giggled and fronted like it made her uncomfortable but she was totally not uncomfortable, and in a way she was almost flirty, like “I don’t enjoy what you’re doing but please keep doing it”. Cute clip, see below.

Kate was not at the LA premiere of Nine because she’s been in New York, publicising the film on the East Coast (she was at it this morning pictured here in a grey goat and bedazzled ears) and it sounds like the girls have their work cut out of for them. Nine is NOT getting great reviews. Mixed at best, with DDL, Cotillard, and Cruz the primary standouts, and everyone else just kinda whatever.

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