LOVE this.

Remember way back? After Gwyneth and Brad broke up and he started seeing Jennifer Aniston? Word is when asked about his new relationship, Gwyneth, in a classic Gwyneth snotty moment, when asked about Aniston, referred to her as…

That TV Girl.


Now Kate Hudson is on the cover of the new issue of Elle UK and similarly, when prompted for comment on her latest all-American rival Katherine Heigl, only had this to say:

“Who is she? Oh, that girl in 27 Dresses? I just don’t think about that stuff.”

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

As you know, Kate has currently been man-slinging her way through Hollywood. This is her philosophy:

“I don’t have crushes on the cute guys… I have really bizarre taste in men! You know what the common ground is? Brains. I like witty and funny — I always love writers.”

“If a guy doesn’t call you, why not call him? Look, I’m not giving advice here. Who really knows anything about relationships? But if you want to see a guy, I see no problem in saying to him, ‘Let’s get together.’ If men have a problem with that and don’t call you back, then that guy has no balls and you’re better off without him!”

And this is why that bullsh*t story about her and Justin Timberlake seeing each other on the sly for over a year and her being afraid of getting hurt is complete and total bollocks.

Kate Hudson get hung up over a dude?


KH vs KH?

Kate Hudson every time.