Once and for all. This is why Baggy Clothes BumpWatch is SO unreliable. Not to mention boring!

TMZ.com just posted this photo from Splash – Kate Hudson in Miami on vacation, curiously enough just as Owen Wilson is there shooting Marley & Me, proving definitively that she is not pregnant. At least she wasn’t three weeks ago when the voluminous attire kicked off the frenzy. You"ll note, through it all she"s remained flat as a board. Lucky bitch. Flat as a board is the best.

However she very well could be pregnant next week, when she dons another loose fitting blouse and the womb watchers go mental.

For now, let’s focus instead on Owen and Kate part two. It’s apparently right back where they ended. Hot. And happy. And they totally totally work. Except his family isn’t crazy about the reunion. Am told they are “cautiously pessimistic”.