Would Kate Hudson’s relationship with Lance Armstrong have lasted longer if he’d resumed riding last year? To give her something to cheer for?

I think one of the things that keeps her going about ARod is that he’s supposedly good at something. And she relishes the role of cheerleader. Not unlike the way she relished the role of groupie with Chris Robinson. Oh la. Hindsight and foresight. And foreshadowing. Could this actually last longer than the length of her usual Mansling?

She’s certainly playing nice enough to suggest it.

This is Kate at the Jays/Yankees game last night sitting with the other Wives and Girlfriends, appearing to have completely assimilated into the circle. That’s one thing about the Manslinger. Unlike Victoria Beckham, she is indeed a girl’s girl.

Thing is, the WAG environment can be toxic.

Have spoken to several (primarily) hockey WAGs in my time and the backstabbing, the competition, the jealousy, the infidelity – infidelity between wives and players! – outside the locker room in the wives box, there is no shortage of DRAMA.

And again, Kate Hudson fits right in.

Kate Hudson was raised in Hollywood.


These other bitches are no match.

Do you need to revisit your Manslinger/ARod prediction? Will they last past the summer?

Photos from Wenzelberg/Splashnewsonline.com