Us Weekly is reporting that Kate Hudson had her tits done. In March. The publication claims it’s a modest increase, not a Playboy/Heidi Montag/Scabby Anderson obscenity, but a “small augmentation” that’s given her a little more lift.

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for a before and after comparison. I have included a series of bikini shots of Kate from 2006 and 2008. To get a better view of her in a tank top earlier this week, there’s a photo here. They do indeed look bigger, but not ridiculously so.

Apparently her flat chest was something she was always insecure about despite declaring back in 2002 that "I have small breasts, obviously. It's nice to be able to wear a plunging neckline and have it be elegant."

See, I agree with this. If you’ve been reading this site a while, you’ll know my personal affinity for little boobs. If I could, I would be a board. I would trade mine for hers. Clothes are easier. Having said that, I get it from the other side. Or rather I don’t get it but I get it. Because since I’ve never been a board, I don’t know the gripes of being one. I just thought, you know, since she’s such an amazing Manslinger, and she’s so much freer from the constraints of conformity, I mean she’s KATE HUDSON for Christ’s sake, that she’d keep rocking her tiny buds forever as a refreshing alternative. At least she wasn’t stupid about it. I guess.

Here’s Kate at school drop-off yesterday. Everyone’s a perv now trying to analyse her breasts.

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