When news broke yesterday that Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong had split, Us Weekly described the situation as one that was full of “sadness”.


Kate Hudson?


Kate Hudson moves on. Kate Hudson doesn’t cry in a corner eating cookies. Kate Hudson is a player. This is why Kate Hudson is amazing.

And Kate Hudson is right back on it.

Am told exclusively that she was in Muskoka last weekend, where she summered through adolescence. Goldie and Kurt have a cottage and Kate tries to spend at least 4 or 5 weekends there every year. Dax Shepard was lucky enough to have been invited in 2007, remember?

This time though Kate came solo…which isn’t to say that she’s alone. Kate has always been tight with the Lindros brothers. And she’s been seen giggling and happy around them on a few occasions around town.

Play on player.

File photo from Wenn.com