Kate Hudson: lemonade stands and the wrong shoes

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 1, 2013 19:38:11 August 1, 2013 19:38:11

Kate Hudson stopped by her son 9 year old son Ryder’s lemonade stand yesterday. Ryder has to sell lemonade to save up for his new bike/skateboard/ballet shoes/whatever! Also, do blue dinosaurs make people thirsty? After patronising her young entrepreneur, Kate went to work at the premiere of Larry David’s Clear History. Clear History premieres on HBO on August 10th. F-ck me I hope my television arrives in time for that. Not so much for me but for Jacek. Larry David might be the comedic mistress of his life, after his comedic wife Will Ferrell. There are times when I’ll just find him, on the couch, baked,  weeping over re-runs of Curb. 

Here’s the Clear History trailer. “See? You apologised but you didn’t mean it!”

Anyway, Kate wore Balmain on the carpet. I am obsessed with this dress. It’s f-cking amazing. What’s not f-cking amazing, unfortunately, are the shoes she has chosen. Tan, suede, round-toe platforms. It’s not 2011 anymore. Can this shoe die already? Come on. We can do better than this. Zoe Saldana would have done better than this. Saldana wears Balmain a lot. Saldana would have had a lot more imagination. Or at least a closed toe white pump.


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