All over it. If a boy can enjoy multiple canoodles, why not a girl?

Since breaking Owen Wilson’s heart, Kate Hudson has flirted with Pipsqueak, beguiled Dax Shepard – poor thing actually thought he could keep her – and ditched Orlando Bloom for Heath Ledger…

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

First – OK Magazine is reporting that at her Halloween party, Kate honoured Orly with her attention and allowed him to believe that she cared beyond one night. The two reportedly held hands all evening and greeted guests together. Kate however is not a Three Whisker Woman and just a week later, she and Heath Ledger were spotted making out in NYC…

Her publicist is denying the claim but a Page Six source is insisting that it happened and if true, it’s a super, super hot hookup. Finally a girl Heath can’t step all over. Obviously he wasn’t enough to keep her in New York either as photographers caught her at the airport, headed home to LA.

Single girl on the move…love, love, love.