Kate Hudson has a new boyfriend – Danny Fujikawa, a musician. They were in New York together this weekend. At one point yesterday, after dinner, according to the paps, they kissed outside the restaurant for 10 minutes. But that’s so Kate Hudson. She’s never been discreet when she’s dating. You’ll recall, when she and Nick Jonas were casual sexing each other undercover, somehow we still found out about it. So I’m not sure she minds that we know that she’s in love again. As a distraction?

It was first revealed that the two were dating a couple of weeks ago when they were papped in LA. That was a couple of weeks after it became public that ex-husband Chris Robinson asked the court to review the custody agreement of their 12 year old son Ryder. Since then, there have been no updates on the situation. But it’s definitely a situation as they already had joint custody and Ryder’s entering adolescence and now Chris is, for whatever, no longer satisfied with the joint custody.