Can you believe Kate Hudson went to the Met Gala? OF COURSE YOU CAN. Kate never misses a party, a chance to smile and show off her really nice physique.

She attended the Met Gala in Versace – she’s worn it before. Versace, I mean, although we’ve seen many iterations of this dress on Kate. White. Strapless. Boring as f-ck.

From different angles, it does have some redeeming qualities – the studs, the structured fabric panels that look like paper in some shots. That could be cool. Just not here.

All that potential is negated by the ruffle. And tulle skirt. It’s “edgy bride,” the key word being bride – which, let’s be honest, is never a fashion compliment. I don’t think Kate would object to being called a bride though because brides are supposed to be HAPPY.

Kate snuffs out any edge because she doesn’t want to be edgy. It’s not on brand for her. Fine. She wants to be pretty. She banks on “pretty” so much that she named her book Pretty Happy. You can’t tell me that Kate wants to explore wo/man vs. machine. She wants to Champagne and photobooth with her friends and maybe a late-night make-out session with a musician.

Happy was always the goal here. You see it in the “sunny California” hair and makeup style. Easy middle part blow-out. Fresh makeup. She’s that Pharrell song come to life. It’s a patented Kate Hudson look I will call FabPrettyHappy from now on.